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Post Info TOPIC: CXL results, preop to 20month postop

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Date: Sun Dec 5 3:26 PM, 2010
CXL results, preop to 20month postop

Preop to 20month past CXL, values look nice, however still too irregular cornea to get something useful without RGP. I hope to buy a flatter RGP and by that improve BCVA.

Do the orbscan pictures look as good as the figures? I find it a bit hard to get all useful information out of them.



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Date: Sun Dec 5 3:40 PM, 2010

Zenke, Is there less red now after your CXL ? not sure which eye you did CXL to, and one of the scans is in black and white, as long as there is no progression thats a major battle won, but I but you could get in to soft lenses like the - Soft K - from Soflex in Isreal (I heard they will send yours or any optician a free fitting set!)

Check them out

All the best


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