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Date: Tue Aug 30 9:15 AM, 2005
Battle goes on

Hi guys,

Its been five months since the crosslinking procedure.

This week I plan visiting my current optometrist. I will be taking lens metrics, wait for a week or two, then take metrics again. If parameters does not change  I will announce that cornea is stabilized. If not... we will think about it then. Also I will be taking another scans the next week. Of course, I will post them so that we can compare with the ones before and just after the procedure.

Talk to you soon,




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Date: Tue Aug 30 10:08 AM, 2005

I think your timing is good, as Dr. Kohlhaas told me, if I am not mistaken, it takes 6 months for the cornea to stabilize...

In my case it's only 6 weeks since the proc.

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Date: Wed Aug 31 10:36 AM, 2005

Thanks for the update Valeri... and on a side note... soflex is willing to send you out a fitting set as and when you need you want to... PM me and i will give you the name of my contact there and would like to speak further about this... they have seen this site also and are happy about the fact we are in contact about this...

All the Best!!


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