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Date: Wed Oct 13 12:13 PM, 2010
Keratokonus and Pregnancy

Hello All,

I have had Keratokonus since I was a teenager. I had a cross-linking procedure about three years ago in Dresden on my left and most damaged eye! recently I tries to wear a contact lence only for the damaged eye but decided to count mainly on my right eye which as the doctor says is not progressing and is still strong ( 5 diopters ).
I am a little confused because I am planning a pregnancy soon. I am 28 and I am really confused and wondering what to do. I am wondering whether to go through another cross-linking for the right eye ( the stronger one ) before my pregnancy or after that! Has anyone have an information on whether Keratokonus progresses during pregnancy! I am really confused and do not have a set plan! My doctor has sugegsted to go through another cross-linking before a possible pregnancy but I ahve heard that Keraflex is still being studies as a new procedure and I would like to wait for it first!



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Date: Wed Oct 13 9:11 PM, 2010

Silviya thats a good question !

There is no hard a fast rules with progression, but sometimes pregnancy is a trigger, not always, otherwise there would be more reports on this.

However Keraflex before CXL is throught the best way to do Keraflex !

As you know once you get over 40 years of age pregression is less likely, but you must weigh things up and move forwarding with a balanced approach you are happy with.

There is no fixed answer, its something you can only decide on as its depends on your own situation and how you feel and think, and are comfortable with.

Lets us know how you think might be the best avenue for you, if any at all.

Best regards


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