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Post Info TOPIC: has anyone one had a bad reaction to the cross linking like me???
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Date: Sun Jun 6 12:36 AM, 2010
has anyone one had a bad reaction to the cross linking like me???

furious hi i had the cross linking done about 7 weeks ago in my right eye as that was a little worser than my left i paid £1000 after the op i was in real bad pain the pains gone but the eye is still blurry my eye swollen very bad and i was on steriod drops for 5 weeks after doc says my eye had a vigorus reaction to the cross linking ? as any one else sufferd this problem and will i get my sight bad as i was 20/20 vision before sorry about the spelling i put in down to the kc too lol



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Date: Sun Jun 6 1:52 AM, 2010

Recovery will be in stages, with it be more "heavy" in the first months, but by six months you should have a cornea which has settled down, its not usual what you say this early on after the treatment.


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Date: Sun Jun 6 3:06 AM, 2010

Hello kezza,

Did you perform to both eyes collagen crosslinking or just at one?

Secondly,how experienced your doctor is?I mean how many patients has treated with† crosslinking and how long has been doing this.

Thirdly,what does this mean vigorus reaction?Is it your words or the doctor told you this expression?

Crosslinking it is not an invasive method for the eye.Its something harmless i might say but there is always a little risk of infection afterwards coz of the epithelium off(the first membrane of the cornea) thats why you are†using anti biotic drops for two months.Crosslinking also is something that our eyes do naturally as we age but with a much slower pace.So do not panic.

To the best of my knoweldge the crosslinking treatment has a medical protocol including some parameters such as to your corneal pachymetry must be above 400microns to perform it safely and others such the riboflavin solution,30 minute exposure to the xlinking machine and others that play a significant role for the outcome.

The thing here is that sometimes someone i have read and told gets under xlinked or over xlinked.That depends and i do not why i can only assume.The most desirable crosslinking is between those two.

So,that might be†an explanation but of course your doctor knows best.I know it takes time for the cornea to settle and that could be 6 months.Ask your doctor to inform you properly and take your worries.I know this is very stressful but sooner or later the cornea will clear at some degree.

Hope for you the best


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nothing else matters

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Date: Tue Aug 31 5:07 AM, 2010

I still have residual corneal haze 1 year post op.

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