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Post Info TOPIC: Double vision/ghosting after cross linking epi off


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Date: Thu Nov 22 11:26 PM, 2012
RE: Double vision/ghosting after cross linking epi off

Mamba101, I had the exact same thing after my tcat and cross linking (both eyes done). The double vision above the object/text. This will get better over time. I'm at 2 years post treatment and it is much better -- there is a slight double vision but very faint and really only noticeable in the far distance at night. I also had a lot of haze for the first few months. In fact, my vision was horrible for the first 2 months and as a computer programmer it was really hard to even put in 4 hours as my eyes would tire very easily. My vision would deteriorate as the day went on. Things radically changed for the better after 5 months and again at 1 year.  The first year was very confusing because my eyes were constantly changing so my Rx for my glasses would be off and as a result it was sometimes hard to tell if things were getting better or worse. Things stabalized after 1 year for me. I finally have a Rx for my glasses where my night vision is decent for driving. In the far distance, I still the get double vision to the right at night but it disappears as the object gets closer (150 feet). I'm 43 years old so my healing process might be a little slower than you at 22.

Before the procedure, my uncorrected vision was really blurry. I needed my glasses for everything. My corrected vision was about 20/30 with only my good eye. My bad eye was uncorrected. OD --  OS -4.5

Today, my uncorrected vision in my good eye is good enough for me to work on my computer, play hockey and do most things without my glasses. My corrected vision is about 20/30 in both eyes.  OD -4.5  OS -1.75.

Personally I would not wear contact lenses until things stabalize -- I would wait at least 1 year.  At my 1 year visit, they said I could try a soft contact lenses and it might improve my corrected vision.


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Date: Fri Nov 23 8:34 AM, 2012

I think you messages the work person

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