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Post Info TOPIC: crosslinking after corneal graft


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Date: Tue May 25 12:24 PM, 2010
crosslinking after corneal graft

Hello everybody,

Does anybody has any idea or experience of crosslinking after corneal grafting?



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Date: Wed May 26 2:52 AM, 2010

Hi alihekmat,

Its possible in theory (once recovery from the graft has happened), but CXL is used for progressive KC which has been caught early enough, and its only a small chance KC returning to an eye after a graft has been done, so it might not be needed in your case at all.

CXL is used to fix the corrective surgery in to place of various kinds for KC.

CXL is getting studied on a Dalk grafts, where the donor tissue is CXL-ed so that it is stiffer and so reducing chances of post OP astigmatisum, and even used on the host cornea, for the same reason, before the graft takes place, but its very early in its use, its in the study phase.

There is use for CXL with subborn infections and also whhere Endo cell loss has happed post PK grafts as a way to "sqeeze" out the water which is causing vision to drop (but its early days as its only just getting starting to get studied).

None if this means you have missed out or any problems will be experienced by you due to not having CXL, but its there as a safety net, if needed.

All the best


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