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Date: Thu Jul 21 6:28 PM, 2005
incisional surgery vs laser

It has been said that the word laser is the sexiest word in the medical dictionary. That its very mention provides calm reasurrance that techology at its peak is dealing with our sight problems.

But this maybe far from the truth as a growing number of research and articles say... Incisional surgery in the hands of a dedicated expert negates many of the hazards attributed to laser surgery. The following article states that there is no published work that proves that laser is safer than RK microsurgery... it makes for very interesting reading as it points out many of the 'myths' that have clouded RK and in turn mini ark by association.

full text:

It is far to easy to condemn RK out of ignorance of the true facts... It is high time that people be held accountable for this kind of 'sloppy' treatment... people eyes and their very livings are at stake.


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