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Post Info TOPIC: Cross Linking and T-CAT (aka PRK) @Accuvision My Story


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Date: Sun May 16 10:33 PM, 2010
Cross Linking and T-CAT (aka PRK) @Accuvision My Story

Hi to all , this a great site and has helped me understand what i will be experiencing on the 26th of May 2010. I will keep you guys posted on how everything goes and my progress.

A bit of my History 

I have had mild KC since the age of 15 (Now 33) , but have managed to obtain 20 / 20 vision with the aid of glasses / soft torric lenses. About 4 years ago my vision in my right eye droped dramatically and the glasses or torric lenses now provide me with 20/200 vision at best no. The next stage for me was to try a hybrid soft/hard lense which help me achieve vision of 20/50. The problem i now have is i can only wear the lense for about 2 hours before it starts to scrape my eye and become un bearable.

My choice of treatment;

Having done some research I went for a consultation at  accuvision (London) who provide a technique which will help in stopping the progress of my KC (Cross Linking (CL)) but also try to improve the shape of cornea using a laser ( T-CAT Accuwave™ Topography Guided Custom Ablation Treatment) The aim here is to also improve visual acuity.

My consultation was very good and i was told that my bad eye can be successfully treated with a combination of CL and T-CAT and that my good eye should only require CL. I have decided to go ahead with the treatment in my bad eye.

My corneal thickness was ;

Right Eye - 484
Left Eye(Good Eye) - 515

I will keep you guys posted, with results. Lets hope i can get some good vision with specs or soft contact lenses again smile.gif

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Date: Mon May 17 11:23 AM, 2010
RE: Cross Linking and T-CAT (aka PRK) @Accuvision soon

All the best for your chosen treatment, make sure you understand that it will take time for your corneas to heal and recover, and it can vary and fluctuate for weeks afterwards, but its part of the process in any corneal intervention and people heal differently from one another too.



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Date: Sat May 22 4:18 PM, 2010
RE: Cross Linking and T-CAT (aka PRK) @Accuvision My Story

Best of luck with that!


Date: Fri Sep 12 12:02 AM, 2014

Hi tora, Did you get crosslinking and T-CAT done? If so can you post your experience please. I am in the same situation you were in 4 years ago.

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