All of us Vs Keratoconus

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Post Info TOPIC: ...and the Oscar goes to...

Date: Wed Jul 20 6:25 PM, 2005
...and the Oscar goes to...

...and the Oscar goes to the very vivacious and provocative...

Please Click Here

BTW...Hello Mum!!:)))

-- Edited by QuintriX at 18:42, 2005-07-20



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Date: Wed Jul 20 8:55 PM, 2005

The Keratoconus Story... starring Brad Pitt as Sajeev hmmmmm

-- Edited by Hari at 21:11, 2005-07-20


Date: Thu Jul 21 6:38 AM, 2005

At last some banter...lolol...

so what are we going to call the movie?

"Once upon a time on the Internet...." sounds about right...

-- Edited by QuintriX at 06:46, 2005-07-21

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