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TOPIC: Airline Pilot's PRK and Crosslinking Experience


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Date: Tue Jul 12 11:01 PM, 2011
RE: Airline Pilot's PRK and Crosslinking Experience

Thanks! They really are a nice bunch of people, I'm there so often everyone knows me by name. And in March they moved to their new office, which happens to be right across the street from the county airport. The FBO is no more than 2 blocks from them!


Date: Wed Jan 11 7:23 PM, 2012

Hey guys. I been reading your post and am intrigued. I don't have all the info but do know I suffer from keratoconus. I live in Toronto Canada and am going to make an appointment with The Bochner eye institute to see what my options are. Does insurance cover this? And what type of cost $$ am I looking at? Thx and I'll keep you informed of what happens


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Date: Fri Jan 27 5:22 AM, 2012

Let us know how things go.




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Date: Fri Jan 27 6:05 AM, 2012

I'm about 8 and 1/2 months through my transplant in my left eye and so far so good. Haven't had any issues and the sutures will be coming out in May.
I've also been told that vision usually improves once the sutures are removed and it will no longer fluctuate, so any prescription I get afterwords will
be very accurate. Lasik may also be possible if I'm not happy with the final results (although I don't see that happening).

At my last follow-up for my transplant it became apparent that the vision in my non-transplant (right) eye had continued to decline slightly. He went on to tell me
that he's now performing CXL and that my right eye would be the perfect candidate. Long story short I go back on the 20th for my CXL/Intacs consultation.
I can't wear a contact in my right eye for at least a week before. But if all goes well this will stop the progression of KC in my right eye, will make it much easier for
me to be fitted with a contact and may very well improve my vision overall.

At the moment, with sclerals, both eyes are corrected to approximately 20/25. I'm hoping by summer after all is said, done and healed I can get to 20/20 with soft
contacts and/or glasses. I'd even settle for RGP lenses if they were comfortable, glare free and didn't make my eyes blood shot. Those issues were the main reason
I switched to sclerals. I like the sclerals and they give me better vision than the RGP lenses ever did but they get dirty so quick. They usually need to be taken out
and cleaned after 2 - 4 hours of use. I'll post another update after the consultation.

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