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Post Info TOPIC: Artsybashev Keratotomy Technique - Case Example

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Date: Mon Mar 8 9:35 PM, 2010
Artsybashev Keratotomy Technique - Case Example

Here is an example of an ongoing case. Further results will be added as they
become available:

Please note that the color-coded topographic maps use different diopter scales for the 1 and 3 month follow-ups.

Case Example: Advanced Stage IV Keratoconus w/ Central Leucoma

A forty-three year old male arrived to Artsybashev Ophthalmology Clinic with progressive bilateral keratoconus stage III/IV right (OD) and stage IV left (OS). Previous doctors the patient consulted had advised that an urgent corneal transplantation was necessary for his left eye. Following a preliminary examination by Dr. Artsybashev, the patient requested an alternative to the corneal transplant. Over the next two days both eyes were operated by the Artsybashev keratotomy technique. During the rehabilitation period the central leucoma has been steadily clearing. The 3-month follow-up is presented below:

Pre-Operative Examination (Day 1):

Visual Acuity:

OD = 0.2 - 0.3

OS: 0.16-0.2


OD:  v = 60.0

OS:  v = 80.0


h = 53.0

h = 75.0

Post-Operative Examination (Day 3):

Visual Acuity:

OD:  0.5-0.6

OS: 0.3-0.4


OD:   v = 44.0

OS:  v = 60.0


h = 46.0

h = 55.0


1-Month Control Visit:

1-Month Control Visit

3-Month Control Visit:

3-Month Control Visit


Visual Acuity:

OD: 0.8

OS: 0.4-0.5

If anyone has any questions for Dr. Artsybashev feel free to send me an email.




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Date: Fri Mar 12 2:09 AM, 2010

Thanks Dr Goren, if glasses can be worn by some more now by this patient then its a success in advanced KC after this method of correction when glasses would not help at all before, but i guess there is still more chance of the topography flatterning in the months to come also and so a greater chance of glasses working even better than how they work now is to be expected, so its moving in the right diretion !



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Date: Fri Mar 12 10:04 AM, 2010

Hi Remo,

Sorry, I forgot to include that all of the measurements of visual acuity are UCVA. Before surgery the patient was unable to wear glasses. Yes, there will be some more flattening. It is still early in the rehabilitation period. If the leucoma continues to dissipate the patient should regain some more vision in the left eye during the coming months. It is too early to prescribe glasses for the patient at this point.



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