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Post Info TOPIC: Treating the Whole KC Patient

Date: Tue Jun 21 5:20 PM, 2005
Treating the Whole KC Patient

What do you guys make of the link below... a bit different than the usual!!!

"Looking at the big picture results in improved patient satisfaction and a better contact lens experience.

More than 50 years ago, Dr. Gene Reynolds noticed that some World War II fighters who initially exhibited 20/20 unaided visual acuity became keratoconic after spending time in dark foxholes with bombs screaming overhead. He believed that the extreme emotional stress of fighting and fear of death caused keratoconus. I also subscribe to this theory.

Almost all of my keratoconus patients are very high achievers with a high-stress lifestyle and Type-A personality. They utilize their energy inefficiently. These patients also spend a lot of time on nearpoint tasks, frequently overaccommodating. According to Zimmerman, a direct connection exists between the longitudinal trabecular meshwork fibers and the ciliary body. Each person holds his stress in a different part of the body, and I believe that keratoconics hold their stress in their ciliary muscle. Poor facility occurs due to fatigue and inflexibility in the near focusing system.

In addition, every keratoconus patient I have treated has intraocular pressures between 7mmHg and 12mmHg (measured by Goldmann applanation tonometry). Their eyes appear to be soft because their mires pulse with their heartbeat. I have also discovered that these patients are very high myopes because their eyes are so long. I believe that these factors are related to the problems in keratoconus.

Contact lens practitioners fitting keratoconic corneas need to treat the whole patient, which can be accomplished by discovering the underlying complicating factors of keratoconus, such as emotional stress, divorce, job difficulties or death in the family."

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Date: Thu Jun 23 1:22 AM, 2005

Its interesting that someone else is talking about treating other health aspects in the fight against KC not just directly the cornea. I think that overall heath... both mental and physical must play a big part in any KC treatment.




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Date: Wed Apr 11 6:43 AM, 2007

This was written by my doctor, and he is brilliant.  He saved me from a transplant eleven years ago through genius fitting techniques.  My contacts are comfortable and never bother me.  If everyone could see him, we'd have almost no transplants.  Unfortunately, no one uses the flat fits he advocates, so it will be off to surgery for KCers.

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