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Post Info TOPIC: kc symptoms

Date: Fri Oct 23 6:36 AM, 2009
kc symptoms

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if this was consistence with kc... Basically If I am looking straight ahead my vision is normal.  When i go to move my eyes, i basically get some symptoms of kc: monocular diplopia, polyopia, and streaking.  The streaking and multiple images seem to be worst in certain situations.  I.E street signs are very bad, bright lights are bad, LED lights are very bad.  If i go to type on the keyboard, i see ghoasting of the white letters on the black keyboard?  This all started after I had a severe case of ocular allergies for about two years.  It is very annoying when i look certain ways especially.  Any little movement in my eyes creates for these distortions.



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Date: Fri Sep 4 10:02 PM, 2020

This is due to an irregular cornea and in your case this is what it is doing and with it depending on your pupil size. DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES IF THEY ARE ITCHY AND USE ANT-ALLERGY EYE DROPS. Do make sure that you carefully follow your eye Drs advice.


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Date: Sat Feb 13 4:16 PM, 2021

Good advice!

We are all patients or will be (!) So put patients first!
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