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Post Info TOPIC: Toric Lens Implants

Date: Tue Jun 7 3:05 AM, 2005
Toric Lens Implants

This is about Toric Lens Implants....Please correct me if I am wrong micheal (your the expert on this)...did you say Toric Implants correct more than none Toric Implants?...and are currently only approved for use for kc in Europe...

Or was that just with the Artisan Toric Implants?

Well they used a toric lens implant for this patient (don't say if it is an "Artisan")

...and it looks like there is a news gap since this news came out...I will look in to it when i get more time...

The link is as follows...

Please Click Here

Micheal kindly sent me information on a German Doctor doing Toric Lens Implants for KC...some time ago...sorry I did not get round to putting it is as follows....

Please Click Here

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Date: Tue Jun 7 4:57 AM, 2005


Toric lenses will address cylinder or astigmatism, non-toric or Myopic lenses like the implant I had only address sphere or in my case near-sightedness. Thank you for the post on the patients experience with these lenses, their numbers appear quite high and the lenses have made quite an impact.




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Date: Tue Jan 3 1:30 AM, 2006

Hello, I'm new to this site, just signed on today. Both my corneas are transplanted, but only one gives me vision with a lens, the other was not a success. Can lens implants be done on post transplant patients? Are there any rejection issues?


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Date: Tue Jan 3 1:34 PM, 2006

A warm welcome to you Louise,

Micheal has had one transplant and has had a lens implant also in that eye.

He is very happy... and is probably catching up with lost time with the sports car that he has brought for himself ... as he is so delighted...

He is living his life now and so comes here only now and then!

All the best and take care! 

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