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Date: Fri Jun 3 2:44 PM, 2005
Pathologic Agent of Keratoconus update
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Dear friends,


I decided to start a new topic about P.A. not only to answer the questions of Mr. Phil but also to inform the kc patients about this new finding and to update the already informed patients.

P.A. discover has occurred in January 2004. From that moment we could not only understand the sequence of starting infection and collagen fibre destabilization that is like to say from the beginning of the infection till the first clinical manifestations of the sickness that you can find on the maps of earliest stage keratoconus.

“Keratoconus etiopathogenesis”

“The P.A. has capable during the years to destroy the normal structure and resistance  of the corneal collagen layers and to make possible for the cornea to become so soft and malleable so that the normal intraocular pressure acting 24 hours a day, pushing the cornea outward continuously, (progressive corneal ectasia) will increase the corneal curvature and proportionally will reduce the corneal thickness: “rubber’s  principle”. ”

We have applied Mini A.R.K. surgical praesidia to nearly all the patients treated with Biocibernetic therapies to eliminate the P.A. and the surgical results are improved so to reduce of 50% the number of the retouches.

In one year follow up, we have tested positive and eliminated the P.A. in hundreds of patients and after one year of hard and positive work, only one patient was found re-infected by P.A. This only patient never applied our therapies. We saw progressive improvements in corneal curvature applanation. We also made profilattic investigations and therapies into the family of keratoconus patients. The result gave a percentage from 30% to 50% of positivity of the keratoconus P.A. test in the family members. So that we have been capable to apply preventive medical treatments to stop any possible evolution of the P.A. in the family member’s eyes.

Till now no sign of progression has been found in any preventively treated family member.

The most of the patients has reported an increase in general body wellness sensation and not only in the eyes. We shall update the P.A. information as soon as we have important communications on the matter.

Prof. Massimo Lombardi


Prof.Massimo lombardi
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