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Post Info TOPIC: Internet Eye Test

Date: Thu May 19 5:45 PM, 2005
Internet Eye Test

Check out your eye sight from your very own computer (or print the screen and use the print...if that is easier!) may want to do this when you are recovering from a treatment or hydrops (heaven forbid!)...sometimes vision fluctuates day buy day due to lighting levels etc...and with this test you can be sure if your vision is getting worse (god forbid again!) or going mad..lolol sometimes kc can even be getting better in some cases! Please Click Here Please follow the instructions carefully...



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Date: Mon Sep 19 1:46 PM, 2005

according to that... my right eye is worse than 20/400... i sorta could see the E... but then i also knew what it said...
and my left eye is about 20/50 or so...


yeup... it's me. :p


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Date: Thu Jul 16 4:30 PM, 2009

They changed the URL....
New one is...

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