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Post Info TOPIC: Artisan Implant performed

Date: Sat Oct 1 12:34 AM, 2005
RE: Artisan Implant performed

Hi Micheal, Well that brings some reality to the proceedings, so thanks for that Micheal. Your lucky in a way as at least you was brave enough to get to the other-side with out the support of members like you to rely on... Thats a feat in it self, and i salute you for that! ...They should give you a "purple heart" medal for that!

All the Best

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Date: Thu Jan 5 4:32 PM, 2006

Hello to all and a happy new year! Thought it was time to post an update after 8 months. My left eye has actually improved and has stabilized to a very solid 20/20 with no distortion or halos and I haven't had to change the script. The right eye has changed the most with two major script changes, both changes have been to correct myopia. Oddly enough the scripts are coming closer together so I'm less unbalanced.


I live very well now, I can read road signs,fine print,grocery labels and all the things that normal sighted people take for granted. Though not perfect I'm very thankful for the way things turned out and wake up every day thinking someone should pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming. I hope this gives hope to someone who is struggling, I had reached the bottom myself and had all but given up on living a "normal" life. Three years and two major eye surgeries later, life is good


My doctor has published a letter concerning the treatment of KC with IOL's, as soon as I get the letter I'll post it. I think most of these patients were non-transplant eyes but I maybe wrong.

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Date: Thu Jan 5 4:56 PM, 2006

Mic, i'm speechless!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Thu Jan 5 8:47 PM, 2006

Right... got myself composed  

No words can write how it must be to get your vision back michael!! I think your hard work and balanced personality won out!!

You must be on top of the world!!!

Enjoy it mate... and to the fullest (just like Hugh Hefner! )...

You have given so much people the energy to carry on! thats priceless!!! 

-- Edited by QuintriX at 02:13, 2006-01-06

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