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Date: Fri Nov 24 10:23 PM, 2006
RE: Circular keratotomy

Hello I`m sorry that i find only so little time to write here.

I will give you a very short summary what happened:

After one your of the operation of dr krumeich i did not see any succes and the ring hurts, so he had to be taken out. after this i decided to make the mini-ark in rome.this was still possible.dr. lombardi operated me 2 times now(first time in june,second in octobre). But theres is also no real succes, my visus is about 15% and still a very high "doubleview".Another problem is that i always have a headache,its really bad and i cant do anything with this really bad headache. Now i want to wait some more weeks but if the situation will not improve i have to think again about what is the right way for me. I really tried a lot but nothing made my life better.


Phase Two

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Date: Sat Nov 25 8:16 AM, 2006

A Big hello for you Andy! I have often wondered about how your are, I did hear from Hari and Norbert that you had gone to see Prof Lombadri some time ago in an attempt to gain your vision after the Circular keratotomy treatment had gone not as planned... and that it was Prof Lombadri who actually took the titianium ring out for you. 

I am very greatful for you posting your story, because its the big issues that matter the most. So thank you for telling us all that you have experianed. Your story could have been very easily someone elses story... it might be mine tomorrow... so we are all in it together... I wish it was not the internet that we have our conversation through... as I would shake you by the hand if I every did meet you... as your one of our heros who through you we gained more knowledge...

It just very much angers me that some Dr's are very good at "marketing" in very respected medical media out-lets (and this paricular Dr... I have seen a lot of him on news sites...) ...their whole job seems to be just this, and not in the actual treating of patients to get more vision for them, or to save their vision...  

Can I ask if a sclearl lens could be tried at all? I very much hope they can...

Best wishes to you... keep us informed as to what your very own Dr's say's... and how you feel and think...

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Date: Tue Nov 22 1:28 AM, 2011

Another Circular Keratotomy method for KC

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