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Post Info TOPIC: So apart from KC what are your interests???

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Date: Mon Apr 11 10:36 PM, 2005
RE: So apart from KC what are your interests???
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Uh oh!!

No WAY!! I am not getting drawn into this!!

Seriously... no they are not "country bumpkins" though the accent is sometimes strange!

The best laugh I got was that I was testing in a village and the dispenser was talking to a very "posh" couple. Suddenly, the door burst open and a farmer strode in - complete with "wellies" - and dumped a brace of pheasant in between him and the couple... still feathered and somewhat warm...

"There you go!!" he said triumphantly.. "You know you was arskin' for a coupla prime birds!" and strode out with a grin on his face...

Oh MY!!! You should have seen their faces!!

I was stuffing hankies in my mouth to stop me laughing!!


Date: Mon Apr 11 10:49 PM, 2005
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I will comment your hurting my ribs!!!:) when i should be in bed sleeping...lolol

-- Edited by QuintriX at 09:09, 2005-07-04


Date: Tue Apr 12 12:00 PM, 2005
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Was this Bernard Matthews I wonder..."their..Bootiful...really Bootiful"

I had famer Giles on the phone asking if you can stop taking the micky out of Norfolk people...Lynn lolol

Anyway...tell me, the horse saddle you made...did you use it at know i used to teach people to ride horses to earn a little bit of pocket money when I was young

Did you know if you go up to a horse and put your nose near the horses nose and breath on the horses nose with your nose....they become your bestest friend...really...they will start to follow you are round!!...I learnt that from a Red Indian who was talking about how to tame wild horses!

-- Edited by QuintriX at 15:30, 2005-04-12

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