All of us Vs Keratoconus

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Post Info TOPIC: What Colour is your hair?
What is your hair colour? [48 vote(s)]


Date: Sat Apr 9 10:24 PM, 2005
What Colour is your hair?

I just wanted to see what the ratio of people with different Hair Colours have KC?

I will tell you why after some time has lapsed for the poll on this to happen!

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Date: Sat Oct 8 9:39 AM, 2005

There's only BLACK or DARK BROWN hair in my country- India. If you see any other its painted to look that way.

Personally dislike those lot who use different colour cans of hair paint



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Date: Sat May 6 11:46 PM, 2006

Ok another color question let's see my hair is a reddish brown color so I guess what would be brunette sort of. Don't know its got some blonde in it too. All natural of course though. I'm just an odd one though I guess lol.

Love, Dawn


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Date: Tue Sep 1 1:08 PM, 2009

I have brown hair.


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Date: Fri May 8 4:52 PM, 2020

There does appear to be more Keratoconus in certain masses. Which does suggest there is a genetic component to KC and KC can run in families (and sometimes it seems to skip a generation or two) however sporadic, it occurs with no rhyme or reason sometimes and with the complete picture always eluding us and what if any other factors and/or triggers, are involved.

The research has accelerated a lot in recent years and most likely due to patient advocacy, as seen here!

Stay well !

We are all patients or will be (!) So put patients first!
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