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Post Info TOPIC: X-linking after-maths

Date: Tue Apr 26 8:28 AM, 2005
RE: x-linking aftermaths

Thanks for your up-date Valeri.....I saw your post on the other forum about the cost of x-linking in the U.S....considering germany pioneered it and then due to the results it was then taken to the U.S...I think going to germany is great value for money!:) well done mate!

Prof. kohlhaas and i have had email conversations and do like how he took time out to email me back...I have got a very bad habit of asking a lot of questions...(which is no suprise to no one here! lol)...and I have the up most respect for him...due to the diligence he showed in his emails...

The cards are in your favour...and the time will the mean time you could try to beat me in a game of PAC MAN in the arcade know i think i'm getting addicted to

Anyway Valeri....I really do look forward to your thank you for sharing, as if i was going to try anything it is most likely going to be x-linking.

All the best

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Date: Mon May 16 2:13 PM, 2005

Today, 45 days after the procedure I tried wearing my old RGP, for thouse who do not know, just before the operation I used Rose-k set, which now, due to changes after the operation, I no longer need. So I tried my old conventional lens... Its been 3 hours since I put them, the right one fits ok and I feel very comfortable, vision is very sharp, the left is not so good, so I plan to go for better fit. I remember just before leaving the clinic prof. Kohlhaas said that I will  not need special lens, so thanks the professor for his prophecy ... ;)

-- Edited by valeri at 14:17, 2005-05-16


Date: Wed May 25 5:15 PM, 2005

I must say that the Professor is a gentelman and a scholar!...I think we are very fortunate to have him!!

And Valeri...KC weakens the cornea...X-Linking strengthens it...

I think we have KC surrounded and covered!

...and I also think soon it will be...GAME...SET...and MATCH!

-- Edited by QuintriX at 04:55, 2005-05-27



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Date: Sun Apr 16 2:14 PM, 2006
RE: X-linking after-maths

It's been a year since Valeri did his x_linking to both eyes and posted these invaluable messages, a sort of diary. Recovering myself from the "good" eye corneal cross-linking, I reread them and find in them the force to go the road myself...I recognise the experience. Almost nothing to add. Last year, as I did the worst eye, were KC was far gone in -12 D of miopia and I do not know how much in stigmatism, the feelings were not as acute for my good eye served me well....I just remember one month or so after my procedure I started having dreams that I close my good eye and...I see with my bad one. These dreams were quite repetitive. Did they come true? Well, now 9 months later, I have about -9 D in miopia and I do not know how much in stigmatism. That is not that I see, but I see a bit better. And , of course, a lens can be easily fit and not necessarily an RGP. I weared for 10 days a hybrid lens Janus. It helped me to go through the procedure on the good eye 12ve days ago. Now I keep it closed in her tube.

Thank you Valri for your experience. When we will be looking at this from the future, in 5-6 years, what will we feel? Probably, that we won. Curious, but somewhere walking are the people who did the procedure 6 or even 7 years would be great to contact them for sure we will not be far from them in what concerns the eyes.
Thanks again Valeri.
Happy Easter to everybody!

-- Edited by Yarsky at 14:17, 2006-04-16

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