All of us Vs Keratoconus

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Date: Thu Aug 18 5:48 PM, 2005
RE: Question for Prof. Lombardi

Hello Hari,

I hope that you, with your wife and your children, spend a good summer. I hope that researchs about artificial corneas, the creation of new cells (in the stroma, not in the epithelium) will be like a cure for keratoconus patients. However, research need money, and this is a big problem, because keratoconus is not a major disease. I'm not sure, in fact, that keratoconus is a "real" disease for all. Some keratoconus are created by repeated chocks, trauma in a weak cornea (but no disease); as a consequence, the cornea reacts and ask proteases to destroy the perturbed zone, etc...We need somebody like an Einstein to find a cure for keratoconus....



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Date: Thu Aug 18 11:08 PM, 2005

Hi Fil!
I like your thinking.
KC has many questions unanswered about it. We still do not understand fully what happens in a KC cornea and why. Some results (x_ray diffraction) show that extracelular matrix of colagen fibres loses its structure, especially the links are lost. Why the links are lost? Why does it go to a cone...? We can not say that we know how to control the process of the KC evolution. Why sometimes it is very fast and sometimes very slow? Well, fast - when the majority of links are lost, slow when - the minority...How does that happen...? Two major methods however are x_linking and MiniArk. THey seem to stabilize the least for a while.

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