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Post Info TOPIC: C3-R do it yourself???


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Date: Wed Dec 10 11:41 PM, 2008
C3-R do it yourself???

I might have posted in the wrong forum but here it is again..

I've been suffering from Kerataconus, Very mild.  I am able to get buy with soft lenses and glasses.  I've been doing a ton of research about the C3-R procedure and it seems so stupid I can do it myself.

I've heard of some people doing this with success and Im wondering if anyone has heard the same.

The procedure basically drops riboflavin into eye drops every 5 minutes then exposing UV light to the cornea foro 30 minutes resulting in instant results.  

Simple right?  but the problem poor and the procedure is expensive.

Can't I just purchase some riboflavin drops...same ol drops they use in pets like dogs and cats such as OcluVet and use them 3 times a day.  Exposing my eyes just by daily exposure to sunlight (uv light)?? Maybe the process will be more gradual instead of instant...but for a 100 bux... could it really be any different????

Maybe some doctors will hate this, but I mean... Any questions, comments would be appreciated.


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Date: Thu Dec 11 1:36 PM, 2008


Speak to a Dr before you do anything is my advice or don't do it, basically just don't do it as it could be harmful


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