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Post Info TOPIC: Mini-ark patients and out comes

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Date: Sun Jan 30 10:12 PM, 2005
Mini-ark patients and out comes

Hi Everyone....

....Regarding mini-ark patients and outcomes....

Here are the out come of known (persoanally varified) german and one patient from spain:)....of Prof. Lombardi...

(Please Note: there are many, many more people who are not personally known and met....but for the use of varifiable data here....we are only going to publish about the personally known)

Please click on the link below.....the before and after results are shown...

ok: 16
Smile : 5
Sad : 4

Mini-ark check list....

Best Regards

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Date: Fri Feb 11 1:55 AM, 2005

Hi Everyone....A friend of mine explains ARK, in a very easy to understand way for other fellow keratoconus patients.....I thought it would be good to put it here as it is neatly put!...

"The Asymmetric radially Keratotomy (ARK) consists of few about two to three millimeters long cuts into the cornea/callosity, outside of the field of vision zone. (the normal eye internal pressure bumps itself out the diluting cornea/callosity conically. By the cuts the forces, those distribute themselves on the cornea/callosity work again. The Keratokonus is relieved and is "to move" from the field of view, the cornea/callosity is to curve again evenly. New, healthy and thus sturdy fabric, is formed by Wundheilung and/or scar formation which is rich at fibrin. In the course of years the cornea/callosity thickness increases in some places by 30-50 Ám."




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Date: Fri Feb 11 6:42 PM, 2005

Those are some very interesting links from the germen KC forum. They really have got themselves well organized... The section that walks us through the mini ark operation is fantastically detailed.

Great posts,




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Date: Fri Jul 29 10:32 PM, 2005

Very interesting posts....
Can we generalize, at this level of knowledge, what corneas or KC cases were improved by miniARK and what corneas and KC cases where not improved by miniARK?
By "what" I mean a)geometry of the cone b) KC type and/or stage c) ...


Date: Sun Jul 31 2:25 PM, 2005

Hi Yarsky... This "in house" study for me personally shows an out-line, that the out-come is directly proposional to the size of the cone.... now having the operation in two steps in some cases helps...

I think also that the steepness of your cone matters as well...

It looks like from this rough data it is clear that many are more than happy with there out come...from which a rough percentage can be calulated...

The thinking put forward is that if mini-ark does not work...then the patient can still continue back in to contact lenses or go for a transplantation....

Now with very limited or no varifiable data, abstracts or documentation, its very hard (if not virtually impossible) to measure all of this for the new-comer...

(So this is why I must look up to people who against the odds...have come out at the other end very happy with their out-come...)

Now because on all forums in the small print it says that the forum is only for educational purposes (and we certainly need that in kc!!) and not to take any advice as being medical advice... I think that is the bottom line for everyone going on the net for their health care...

I think to me all this is the state of play we find our-self this topic...

... very good observations you made Yarsky...

Best Regards

-- Edited by QuintriX at 22:42, 2005-07-31

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