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Post Info TOPIC: The Bader Procedure for the treatment of keratoconus


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Date: Thu Jul 24 5:17 AM, 2008
The Bader Procedure for the treatment of keratoconus

My name is Joseph Wilson and I am joining this group on behalf of my
father-in-law, Dr. Samir Quawasmi.

I happened upon this Board almost 4 weeks ago but was unable to get the site to load correctly. I do not know what the problem has been but apparently it has been remedied and I joined earlier this evening.

My father-in-law has developed a new procedure to address keratoconus. He calls it the BADER PROCEDURE (pronounced bay-dur and meaning full moon in the Arabic language). He has performed the surgery over 240 times and all patients have experienced improvement. This new approach to treatment addresses the irregularity of the cornea and the steepness of the meridian by using a combination of circular keratotomy and arcuate incisions of different angular lengths and depths from the pupilary axis using an arcuate keratome for the procedure. The premise of the surgery is to undermine the
circumference of the cornea to address the heap or the bulge of the
cornea and then use the arcuate incisions to adress the
ovality of the cornea. In this method of treatment, which has been
based on his long term study of keratotomy incisions, there is an
increase in the thickness and width of the incision site and change
in the normogram of the cornea with its vertical and horizontal
meridian releasing steepness tension resulting in improved visual
acuity. Visual acuity improves over time and the improvement is
dependent on the speed at which the incision gap is filled with new
cells. After the Bader procedure, there is a thickening
of the cornea due to edema and lay down of the keratocytes during
regeneration. PRK or glasses may be utilized to correct any
resulting myopia later. His method utilizes the natural healing
process of the eye to return the cornea to regularity.

I moved to Amman, Jordan 3 months ago to assist him with disseminating
information about his procedure to the world and to assist with any
patients that may be English speakers and need assistance in
obtaining information.

I created a blog about my father-in-law which someone has already found. His new website (currently in Arabic, but soon in English) can be found at I have experienced some difficulty with page loading so be patient. Click on the links until you find a video of the procedure and topographies pre and post-op.

He will be posting two new case studies in the next few weeks and soliciting other colleagues and scientists from around the world to duplicate his findings. It has been stated that he has trained doctors in other countries, this is a rumour, he has only presented his research. He is just beginning the training and duplication phase of his research. There is another misstatement that he has presented his research in over 120 countries. This is in fact not true, maybe an error in translation, but he has presented at conferences with representatives from over 120 countries.

If you want more information you can contact me at the e-mail I created at

There is a yahoo account listed on his website, but I am not sure how well it will be monitiored. Additionally, if you call his clinic, he may be difficult to reach because his time is split between research, patients and consultations with other doctors. Also, the receptionists will not speak to you about the procedure as they are not fluent speakers of English. If however, you do choose to call him, he has asked that you reference my name, Joseph, as the person who referred you to him, this may speed up the process of speaking with him personally, but again he is very busy. The best line of contact is through me. I welcome questions, comments, etc. and I speak with him extensively 3 nights per week.

I have someone creating a transcript of the news segments on MBC and Alarabiya and hope to post them here within the next 5 days.

I wish all of you well and look forward to answering your questions and providing you with information about the procedure.


Joseph Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Joseph Wilson


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Date: Tue Jan 27 3:29 AM, 2009

i think they may have something here but they dont know how to present this i spent hours yesterday to find out as i much as i could on the precedure i found this im not an expert so any replies would be appreciated

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