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Post Info TOPIC: My Mini A.R.K experience


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Date: Wed Aug 15 9:28 PM, 2007
RE: My Mini A.R.K experience

Hi Hari,

No I guess adjusting the cornea while it has a superficial shape, created by the INTACS, wouldn't be right. They might have to come out one day.
I thought I would get a greater improvement from the INTACS than I did, so a bit disappointed.
I will ask the Consultant about ARK and hopefully it might be an option for the future if he thinks I could get better results than with the INTACS. Apparently my INTACS are in at a good depth and position, but I can feel them and they do make my eye frequently ache.

Best Wishes



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Date: Thu Aug 16 12:34 PM, 2007

Hi Louise,
I would like to be proved wrong but I'm pretty sure your consultant will not be very keen on suggesting mini ARK. Actually I would be very surprized if he has even heard of this exact method ie: he may speak to you abot RK, the procedure from which mini ARK was developed... but the results and methodology of the two are quite different.

Since researching and finally having mini ARK I have been very surprised at the lack of interest shown by the medical establishment. I would have thought that logically every possible option would at some time or another be given due course... even if they studied mini ARK so as to dismiss it.

So at the end of the day mini ARK was a choice I freely took... the result for me has been that I can see again. Its not 100% and I may need glasses in the future but it gave me back something that my doctors had told me was not possible... uncorrected vision.

Please keep us up to date with your progress... sorry to hear that your INTAC's have not been as successful as you had wished. Maybe all thats needed is time for them to reach their full potential?

All the best,



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Date: Thu Aug 16 4:35 PM, 2007

Hi again Hari,

I think it's great you went for mini ARK and that you've got a good result. It's a shame that more of these 'newish' treatments are not more widespread, or at least information provided about them, so people can make their own decisions. It could help so many people.

I'm hoping mini ARK is another option for me. Are there many limiting criteria to be suitable for it?
I'm not sure the INTACS will improve now. Mr Jory seemed to think the only hope of any improvment would come from the C3R, although that was 9 months ago now.



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Date: Fri Aug 17 1:04 PM, 2007

Just patroling the super-highway with Hari (or hutch... in an another seriessmile)

Anyway, I was speaking with Prof Lombadri today on some news that will hit the stands, no doubt soon... and I asked about taking Intacs out and doing Mini-Ark... and it is possible... depending on case by case merit because there is a limit in certain cases how much can be done to improve vision.

With intacs people have waited sometimes very long periods (I have heard of improvments going on to 20 months... and mostly less than this) the results are variable, for some its good, with others not so good. More often than not in moderate to advanced cases contacs are still required, more regularity of the cornea after Intacs can help with this and sometimes it still proves dificult, depending on the fitter that you see. Lens Implants is still an option after evaluation.

Its good to see a consultant who actually can offer you all the options discussed, the discussing is the important part and the clinic you go to are excellent at both, which is ideal, as ideal as it can be for a KCer!

-- Edited by QuintriX at 14:26, 2007-08-17



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Date: Sun Nov 18 5:36 PM, 2007

Hi there im new to the site and have found it very informative and eye opening, my question is this.., I live in the uk and was wondering if you feel it would be feasible to travel the distance involved to have the operation, by this i mean do you require regular visits for aftercare, or is it pre booked appointments at certain intervals, also if anything was to go wrong,ie infection would i have to return or is it something a local hospital would be able to advise on or handle.
Many thanks.


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Date: Sun Nov 18 7:16 PM, 2007

Seeing the British flag come up for you matty538 I would say go and see Dr David Jory (please quote KC Freedom to his Clinic directly) in London, first before traveling abroad as he know all about mini-ark the best out-side of Italy and also will look at for you all the options.

In any case your surgeon will tell you for your circumstance the follow ups needed, depending how much is involved to give you the best visual correction possible and the time scales involved with the treatment and after-care. It really does depend on healing times and everyone is diferent with that, and also every case is different. This is why the solution given is as indiviual as your KC.

Once the Epithelium (the skin of the cornea) heals over the risk of infection is no more, that will take about a week.

Its a taylored solution, but some people will not be a candidate, like with all options for Keratoconus.

...and before I forget ...Welcome!

-- Edited by Kreading at 00:39, 2007-11-19

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