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Post Info TOPIC: PRK/PTK for scars

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Date: Thu Feb 14 6:32 AM, 2008
PRK/PTK for scars

A question, maybe someone can help me understand this. When one develops scar tissue in the cornea as the disease progresses, is that scar tissue predomently in the bowman's layer? Consquently is that why PRK/PTK is performed because it removes the bowman's layer




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Date: Thu Feb 14 3:34 PM, 2008


I think, the scar is in the stroma. Keratoconus is, however, a contradiction of laser methods, incl. PRK/PTK. A combination of x-linking and PRK is an interessting approach in this context. Some ophthalmologists perform it but more scientific studies are required.

Since I have myself a central corneal scar, I am very interested in the future development.



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