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Date: Tue Jan 29 1:56 AM, 2008
Cornea Glue

The Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization has used human blood plasma to produce fibrin glue which can replace surgical stitches.

The new glue can be used in various surgical procedures including cornea transplant which is an extremely sensitive operation, officials with the organization told Press TV.

According to Peyman Eshghi, the head of the research team, another advantage of the new glue is that it is less likely to be rejected by the immune system as it is made from each patient's blood plasma.

Eshghi said the low cost glue has already been used in a number of eye and urological surgeries.

This looks like it could make things easier to control astigmatism after a transplant?


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Date: Fri Feb 1 2:37 PM, 2008

I have been told by family that they know of women who had cesarean's where Glue was used. From what I understand they found glue healed wounds on soilders in the Vietnam war, healed better and quicker by using it (the benefits found inadvertantely when there was nothing else at hand to close the wound quickly)

Anything that heals a wound evenly, and if tis glue can do this more than stitches it must be a good thing.

Take a look at this picture of a stitched Corneal Transplant below:


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