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Date: Sat Jan 12 11:56 PM, 2008
talking to rabbits

in one of my sentimental moods in 2005 or 2006, after or before my x_linkings, and actually after reading an article where rabits' corneas where used as dummies for some tests, I wrote the following poem.

Talking to rabbits.

Dear rabbits! You are known to be
restless lovers. Your rate of procreation
can reach sometimes mindbogling levels
(remeber Australia, holy smoke!). You are,
acording to the Book, living souls, as us,
but not made, as we are, in the image of God.
Your thoughts are not as agile as ours, but you
run with much higher speed. You and us
are made of the same stuff, but,
strangely enough, none of you
have ever been reported to develop Keratoconus.
Eeven if you had, you wouldn't bother to cure it,
for you know that you are doomed.
Dear rabbits, buddies and war friends!
Your death was painless and sweet
for the sake of Medical Research
that our Doctors undertook to spare our lives.
Your corneas, as well as those of pigs,
are not too different from ours.
To you - this fact is an acceleration of Doom,
to us - a probable salvation.
I do not know if during the war rabbits
were used to check if the road, the field,
were safe, if the mines were hidden in the soil,
before our army could move on any further. But in this war, -
yes, indeed, you are. So thank you for your humble
temperament, represented by your cosy ears,
little tail, endearing softness of fur.
Whatever your colour was, white, gray or black, - now
you are invisible, as angels.

-- Edited by Yarsky at 23:25, 2008-01-15


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Date: Tue Jan 15 9:56 PM, 2008

This is a lovely poem, Yarsky. Thanks for posting it.

It says something very important there in the middle where you talk about "sparing our lives" and that is that KC is not just a disease of the cornea, it has significant impact on a patient's whole life.

If you could use your gift with words to help the rest of us (I am not a KC patient, just a KC mom) understand what KC vision is like, I think that would be wonderful. Because so often, people characterize the degree of KC in terms of measurements or numbers, and normal, functional vision is more than those numbers.

Joanne in NY
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