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Post Info TOPIC: Is it haze or scarring???? help


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Date: Thu Jan 10 3:45 PM, 2008
Is it haze or scarring???? help


see my previous post re how many days of haze ......

It appears I have some slight scarring to my CXLd eye, although it is day 20 I am now concerned as to whether my blurry vision is as a result of haze or the scarring, have searched on net to see if I can find anywhere that will tell me the difference between them .... my eye was unscarred before CXL and now well it def seems that it is, i am now really worried that the blurry vision I have now is from the scarring.

I did notice over the last few weeks a small white patch on my eye which has diminished greatly i mean greatly over the last few weeks but now it appears to be a scar.

any advice etc is well welcomed as I am now EXTREMELY concerned, I am going back to eye centre in next sp hopefully will get answers then.




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Date: Thu Jan 10 6:28 PM, 2008

Hi H,

Your cornea will have swelling up to three months, and the haze can seem the same for days because as your vision gets better and the haze goes done it can seem that it is not, it can be relative thing. So don't worry too much, I know its easy for someone to say that, but give the center that did your treatment a call.

Self diagnoses will never do, you must get someone who is medically trained to do it. There should be set intervals that your checked with your progress, may be the holidays have got in the way there, I presume. Have your contacted your treatment center and what did they say?


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Date: Mon Oct 18 5:54 AM, 2010

Hello Hostage

I hope by now your haze or scar has been dealt with. I too have this problem and from reading and researching, some cases can be treated with surgery and others with mild steroid drops.

The haze in my eye disappeared very quickly for the most of it, but a very little trace haze has remained in both eyes ever since my surgey. Some doctors told me to leave it as is and it might get better and others have told me to take mild steroid drops and an anti pressure drop(forgot its name).

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