All of us Vs Keratoconus

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Date: Tue Dec 11 1:24 AM, 2007


The dermacation line is the PROOF that the xlinking procedure took place and everything went well and with SUCCESS.

If someones who has done xlinking and this line doesnt appear at his cornea,consider it bad news!!Because this line shows the DEPTH of the crosslinking that have been achieved.This is crucial mate.This line is very important for the safety of the xlinking that it actually WORKED.

Do you think that Dr Norton will start to perform XLINKING in a few time?

I had TOPOGRAPHY GUIDED PRK AND CROSSLINKING COMBINDED TOGETHER and my result is 20/20 almost with both eyes.I dont wear anything to my eyes.My doctor is Anastasios John Kanellopoulos.

When you dont remove the epithelium,you need to know that this membrane(epithelium)is by NATURE is a barrier mechanism for the cornea and generally to protect it.

In order to understand that everybody should know that, if we DIDNT HAD THE EPITHELIUM the aspherity of our cornea AND our cone shaped eye it is possible that we could see it just by looking our eyes to the mirror.

Epithelium MASKS our problem and maybe gives us better vision.

You should go for the epithelium off in order if you want YOUR CORNEA TO FLATTEN MORE AND GIVE YOU AT LONGTERM BETTER VISION.Because the stroma and all the other membranes will XLINKED better and be more rigid and EVENTUALLY flatten more.

Your epithelium will be back again at 5 days and as for the haze and other complications sooner or later they will all VANISH.Its a matter of time.Dont think in short term.You must have in mind the BIG PICTURE.

Dr Kanellopoulos also has used a new technique which uses the Intralase technology and with this a laser goes to the epithelium and makes very tiny incisions and the riboflabin is putting there through this incision and it is a more comfortable procedure.But as you can see AGAIN there were a very tiny cut to the epithelium in order the riboflabin to enter the way it should.

In my opinion and from my experience and to be safe that the XLINKING will take place for good you need to remove the epithelium.I dont want to think different from THEO SEILER,the doctor who Invented it at first placeThe glory is his.

All the best,

P.S Sorry for the long

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Date: Thu Dec 13 9:44 PM, 2007

Thank you for the information.

I dont think Dr. Norton is going to be doing the Cross Linking.  She seemed really conservative and set in her ways.

I met with Dr. Boxer this week.  He just co wrote a very long book on Keratoconus.  I sat in his waiting room, I read the whole thing. THen I wrote out 13 question and I asked him to clarify the answers.  His answers were good, but not scientific enough for me.

I will be looking for a different doctor.  His answer to the Demarcation line (and Dr. Pinelli's) states that it may be Keratocyte migration, not nessecarily the riboflavin.  Anyway, whose to know. Im not an expert.  So I trust the the old way is probobly more effective.

I am very interested in doing the partial epi off, like you mentioned your Doctor in Greece performed. 

I guess the main reason why I keep going back to this question is the fact that I spoke to one the Top doctors in field, and they said to me  not remove the epithelium on my Right eye, which had the operation in March (PTK).    Also, the new studies that were presented in Switzerland last week, sound very promising. I am waiting to receive them from the Congress people.

I don't think Dr. Boxer is the doctor for me, although I think he is very skilled and very good.  He specializes in many things, aside from C3R.  I have met with him 3 times now, and I can't say that I think he is dishonest.  I asked him how his patients were doing, the C3r patients from 2003 and he said " All had stopped progressing".  I doubt he is lying.

I will be speaking to the Dr.s in Dortmund and Dresden today, to see if they feel the same way about me not removing my right eye epithelium, to prevent any complications after my PTK.

Happy Holidays.


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Date: Fri Dec 14 1:33 AM, 2007

Hello simon,

I havent quite understand the treatment you had with Dr Norton.

I have had Topography guided PRK combined with CROSSLINKING.

The PTK you are mentioning is something like PRK?Do you correct any refractive error with this?

I think that Dr Norton must think twice about COLLAGEN CROSSLINKING.And generally USA should embrase crosslinking and not seeing patients like CASH.

I am really glad that you are searching so thorously for your eyes.Because when they are options,you need to choose the best.

And the best when someone has keratoconus or ectasia is to perform collagen crooslinking.With this you will freeze your cornea for 10 years and you will treat the cornea layers holistic.Your cornea will be as strong as ever meaning 300% more rigid than before.For me is like an ^army tank^ the cornea after crosslinking.I know that your cornea will flat at some degree but you dont know how much.

Dr BW is a pioneer doctor especially at the placement of intacs.

My doctor is a pioneer at Topography guided Prk.

What the above doctors did is to take advantage of the SAFETY OF CROSSLINKING and as for my doctor to make a global innovative treatment about keratoconus.Dr Theio Seiler and Zurich and Dresden invented the crosslinking and secondly these treatments maximize our visual experience.

Someone could say that Intacs were doing despite having crosslinking or the PRK performed without the crosslinking.But This is short term thinking.The same for contacts.

Without the crosslinking we have corneas that have AN EXPIRATION DATE.

Thats why crosslinking is saving our corneas and generally our lives.Thats why Dr Norton should consider her way of thinking about crosslinking.

Always think the Big picture and not in short terms.As for the epithelium off because you have the PTK you should find a doctor up dated who can make a difference and explain how things are.You should send an email at Dr Kanellopoulos and ask him the details you want.This doctor cares and trust me he will help you like no other.

All the best,

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nothing else matters
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