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TOPIC: PRK & Crosslinking in Athens, Greece - Full Story

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Date: Fri May 30 1:55 AM, 2008
RE: PRK & Crosslinking in Athens, Greece - Full Story

I wantedto pass on my well wishes for an excellent thread and patient, and also dr !



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Date: Sat May 31 4:05 PM, 2008


Amazing vision i would say.

I will post my new topographies as soon as possible.

Also i would like to point out the crispness and the clarity and generally the amazing quality after the treatment.That is also very important.For me this is a source of happiness especially at daytime.

All the best,

nothing else matters


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Date: Sat Jul 12 1:48 AM, 2008

Hi Cloudd
¿What happened with the topographies you added before? Did you remove them?


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Date: Sat Jul 12 2:34 PM, 2008

jalopez - start from the begining of the topic and then through to the end or even one page back to know the location of certain posts - all the posts are there including the pre and post Topo scans which Cloudd has kindly posted here.


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Date: Fri Jan 30 12:48 AM, 2009


Great forum, i did cross linking 6 months ago and was told then that i can do PRK after 6 months so around this time. cross linking lasted for 50 minutes per eye and was very painful for first 2 days. i did 1 eye at a time with 2 weeks apart.

is it fine to do PRK now or should i be waiting few months more. the rose k lens i wear is becoming intolerable and i really want to give up lenses.

i saw several doctors some refuse to do PRK some say its fine, i am very confused who to beleive.



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Date: Sat Jan 31 11:25 AM, 2009


Its not as simple as doing PRK. You must ask a Dr who has the most experience of doing this for KC and using CXL. Its not just PRK, its limited topo guided with the wavelight laser and the surgeon doing it is the important part. The Dr with the most experience is covered here in this topic.




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Date: Sun Feb 1 8:19 PM, 2009

I had cxl + prk combined here in Greece. From what I know, dr Kanellopoulos used to perform cxl and limited topo-guided prk after 6 months but now (just like in my case) performs both at once. So, you should come here and talk with the doctor.
What is your vision now with the lenses?


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Date: Thu Feb 19 11:13 AM, 2009

Hi, wow that vision seems amazing, i am about to start with CXL how is the latest opions, topo PRK can with good results be done after CXL if wanted?

BR Henrik.F

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