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Post Info TOPIC: X- Linking and scarring

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Date: Tue Nov 6 1:07 PM, 2007
X- Linking and scarring

I am due for a check up with my opticien on 20th November..I therefore am doing some research to have one or two questions prepared

I am thinking about trying to save up for crosslinking after christmas [considering i am unemployed that is not easy..i will have to start seriously job hunting..just the thoughts of interviews throw me ] but according to my opticien i have scarring on my left cornea and corneal opacity[at one stage eye specialist said i had corneal oedema in that eye i got that i don't know] , neverthless i have being given the good news that i don't need a graft and i get at worst 20/40, possibly up to 20/25 with piggyback lens [with best possible glasses i would have 20/100 max] it likely that my moderate kc would be suitable for crosslinking

I wish i had my tophographies and prescriptions but don't want to be a nuisance and ask opticien for them[i get a topograpy about every nine months as the opticien has the machine in his room ]..would cataract be a contra indication

in short i have not had a consultation yet as i need to save 1500 euros , so i would have the money aside if i go for crosslinking and i only have 150 euros saved at the minute but after christmas i may go for consultation..

what determines suitability for concern is that the scarring is caused by my cornea being thin and that my cornea may not be thick enough for crosslinking

I am wondering if i should ask the following questions at my next visit to opticien ..shoudl i?

my questions would be[i guess the answers to these questions would help me decide if i should consider going for crosslinking

1: How severe is the kc in left eye? is it moderate[i assume it is] ?
2: Is that eye still -9
3: are cataracts stable
4: Is kc stable in left eye?
5: Is my cornea in left eye thin or not
6: What does my opticien think of crosslinking?
7: Are the cataracts likely to progress it worth even trying ot stop kc progression because of cataract ?
8: Is KC likely to progress in left eye

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Date: Tue Nov 6 11:20 PM, 2007

Hi Geraldine,

I will try to answer your questions: it likely that my moderate kc would be suitable for crosslinking ?

It depends, you need a Dr to take readings: above 400 microns in cornea is good news (although lower thickness's can be done by first invreasing its thickness it has been found using distilled water to soak in to the cornea before treatment), and no central scarring where vision is so poor its best to have a transplant.

Would cataract be a contra indication ?

This depends on how much it is distrubing your vision, as if it is mature it needs to be taken out to give you a cleaerer view in vision

I am wondering if i should ask the following questions at my next visit to the optician ...should i ?

Yes, ask what you have listed above and more if you can! write down a list of questions so that you can real the questions off. But go for a consultation with a Crosslinking Dr is the best thing to do, it must be low cost or free to do that, and there is no need to go to treatment afterwards until you have had time to think through what treatment plan has been recommened for you.

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Date: Wed Nov 7 12:10 PM, 2007

Well i think it is about 100 euro for the initial consultation and 1000-1500 for the actual crosslinking in Dublin[ i was asking another board member the cost of it in Dublin]

I have to have the 1500 saved before the consultation in case i do go ahead..i would have the amount for the initial consultation right now but wouldn't have the cost of the actual treatment saved until after christmas

All i know is i have some scarring[central or not i don't know] and 20/100 vision with glasses at best and some corneal opacity and shaddow cataract in that eye and need -9 or slightly stronger prescription..but my consultant and optician both agree i don't need a graft...and i get at worst 20/40 with piggybacks and possibly 20/ i am unsure how severe my kc is

and I do not know if i am a candidate for the crosslinking or if it would be a good idea for me given that my kc has probably got as bad as its going to get ..or maybe the it would stop me needing a graft in 5-10 years..i just don't know

thanks everyone..i hopefully will have a better idea what state my left eye is in after my next opticien check up

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