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Post Info TOPIC: Looks like new astigmatic spectacles


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Date: Sun Oct 28 5:20 AM, 2007
Looks like new astigmatic spectacles

hello guys! looks like new stuff (i am not good in optical devices , so may be mistaken, and that may be the old stuff)

Need to know who works with these glasses, who produces them, which optitians work with them, etc, in continental Europe or England.

Am still working out a spectacle solution for myself.


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Date: Mon Apr 20 9:22 PM, 2015

That patent was filed in 1980 and assigned to Carl-Zeiss. Not likely that anyone is producing lenses based on that technology. Even if they did, the likelihood it would help for KC is not great. I did manage my KC with glasses for most of my life. The only time I did not were for several years when I tried to make rigid contact lenses work, which eventually I gave up on, and now following cataract surgery, when I am trying conventional soft contact lenses. If your KC is mild enough that you think a spectacle solution might work, then you might also want to consider conventional soft contact lenses. Silicon hydrogels are more rigid than earlier hydrogels. Air Optix Night & Day Aqua is the most rigid commercially available conventional soft lens. In any event, you need a fitter for spectacles or contact lenses who finds solving the KC puzzle an interesting challenge. It certainly is no way to make money, regardless of what they charge. You need someone who will take the time to figure out what works for your eyes. As far as I know, there is no methodical solution that works for every KC patient. Good luck with your quest.

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