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Post Info TOPIC: Keratoconus expert at Moorfields, London


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Date: Thu Sep 13 4:27 PM, 2007
Keratoconus expert at Moorfields, London

Has anyone seen a consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London? If so could you recommend a person in particular that I could try and be referred to as I'm interested in finding out how my KC has progressed and what they would recommend as possible treatments.

Many Thanks



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Date: Sun Sep 16 9:28 PM, 2007

hello robbie and welcome to the forum,
my boyfriend is a moorfields eye hospital`s patient.he`s started with them more then three years ago and at first he was very satisfied.all the time doctors there kept telling him everything is ok,there is no change and he just need to keep going!when six months ago he started feel there is something wrong with his eyes and he had finding difficulties in wearing contacts we went there and they said there is nothing to worry about.i`ve started looking in the internet for more information and found this forum.when we asked in moorfields for x-linking,they said they`ve heard about it but can`t give us an opinion.
after all my boyfriend had crosslinking done in private hospital in august we went again in moorfields for normal check up and they were like everything is the same and even ask him to put his old contacts on.
also when we went for crosslinking,we asked moorfields for my boyfriend`s file and we found out he doesn`t have any measurements done,just what his lensses are and doipters.
about the doctors there i have to say they are ok,but every time we are going,he sees different doctors who doesn`t know his case.they said they still don`t perform x-linking and that`s why they don`t give you any information or opinion.
unfortunately i can`t give you any names of doctors there just because i don`t know any,but still you can go and try to see dr. F Larkin who is our consultant and i think we`ve seen him once,and if it was him,he seems knowledgeable.
if you need more information just ask

best regards




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Date: Tue Sep 18 10:05 PM, 2007

Hello both,
It is difficult.The NHS is slow on the uptake for many things;partly because of cost and partly because they don't trust foreigners doing research!Personally I am sure Swiss and German research is at least as good as ours.Moorfields is very good for general care of keratoconus, but it will be sometime before they offer C3R as routine.
I have been doing it now for 2 years and all have done well.Usually it has been part of an overall treatment programme done ,where possible, in partnership with a person's optometrist.Other parts of the programme can include Intacs,phakic lenses,scleral contact lenses and mini-ARKs.
If you want to have an examination,even just for a second opinion, then you can e-mail my office
Best wishes
David Jory

London Centre for Refractive Surgery, 15 Harley St
London W1G 9QQ


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Date: Tue Sep 18 11:00 PM, 2007

Dear Mr Jory,

Our 12 year old son has just been diagnosed with KC and we would like to know if cross linking is availble for children under 16.

Regards Simon

Simon Sixsmith

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Date: Wed Sep 19 5:15 PM, 2007


Dr Jory only log's in from time to time as he is very busy, however you can contact him through his clinic's email at:

Best wishes

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