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Post Info TOPIC: My crosslinking experience so far

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Date: Wed Dec 19 7:00 AM, 2007
RE: My crosslinking experience so far

Weather, lighting as well as snelle chart/projector testing has different results. That is why I test my own eyes as well as going to an opthamalogist. The results over a 1 hour to 4 hour period can be compleletly different. Bright blues sky days give the best resuts because of the overall ambient lighting which causes the pupil to close up small and allow less destortions to the angles of the light entering irregular cornea and hitting the retna.
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Date: Sun May 18 12:05 PM, 2008

hey jr...I wonder if you can share how you're doing now. I know that crosslinking (and any technique involving epithelial removal) takes about 6 months to settle. It'd be really good to hear how you're doing now after that point...I very much hope that things settled in a good place, at least as good if not beter than where you started.

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