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Post Info TOPIC: KC and the visual Arts

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Date: Mon May 14 5:22 PM, 2007
KC and the visual Arts

Are there any artists or photographers on the boards with KC?

If so, how does KC impact your ability and style of drawing, painting, etc?

Do you think any famous artists may have had KC? Seurat the pointillist, perhaps? Could any of the paintings that normal-sighted people consider "abstract" actually be a true representation of reality as seen through keratoconic eyes?

Joanne in NY


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Date: Wed Nov 7 12:16 AM, 2007

I do not know how is it for visual arts, but for boxing it is possible ;)

and for judo too


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Date: Wed Nov 7 11:53 AM, 2007

Ya, I'm an amateur photographer. I love it. The Kc didn't bother me much up until last year when the vision in my right eye, the one I use to take photos, started to decrease slightly. I found it difficult to focus and found I was using the autofocus much more than ever. So the quality of my pictures didn't really get affected. However I did find that I could reproduce some very interesting shots if I didn't use the autofocus. I know I read of some photographer who has KC and his pictures are amazing. I'll try to find him again and post the link.

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