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Date: Sat Apr 14 5:41 AM, 2007
Acupuncture for KC

There was a presentation I watched with a Dr using traditional Chinese acupuncture medicine for Keratoconus. His son has Keratoconus and feels particularly devoted to helping him.

He is trying to put together more research on acupuncture for KC and wants to make available a pressure point map of where pressure needs to be applied to help with keratoconus. He says he has had luck mostly with the area between the thumb and fore-finger in appling pressure there, also on the side of the foot near the big toe. He uses pins which are left in place over some time, he says the same areas can be used with out pins but by massaging them. Acupunture is reconized as medicine in the UK and is available for health conditions for which it is used for in the National Health Service. BTW Dr Lombardi in Rome also use's Acupunture for KC, but in a diferent way, utalising electronics and computer software and grafics to show what is going on where Western Medicine has not looked at. He reports some success, but as of yet there is no duplication.

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